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IPv6 私有地址

from RFC4193

The Local IPv6 addresses are created using a pseudo-randomly allocated global ID. They have the following format:

      | 7 bits |1|  40 bits   |  16 bits  |          64 bits           |
      | Prefix |L| Global ID  | Subnet ID |        Interface ID        |


      Prefix            FC00::/7 prefix to identify Local IPv6 unicast

      L                 Set to 1 if the prefix is locally assigned.
                        Set to 0 may be defined in the future.  See
                        Section 3.2 for additional information.

      Global ID         40-bit global identifier used to create a
                        globally unique prefix.  See Section 3.2 for
                        additional information.

      Subnet ID         16-bit Subnet ID is an identifier of a subnet
                        within the site.

      Interface ID      64-bit Interface ID as defined in [ADDARCH].

Use this program to generate ‘Locally Assigned Global ID’.

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